Terminology custom written from Medical Marketing Logic

Search Engine Marketing | Internet Marketing LogicKeyword Research

We use the best research methods for keyword selection, based on 336 million phrases typed into the search box every day. We then take that data and choose our keywords based on actual typed in searched phrases. All online marketing companies need to understand the immense importance in marketing the most precise keywords in our clients campaigns. We labor over the keyword selection by cross-referencing several keyword inelegance generators. If we are off in our keyword research, we will be off in the outcome of our performance.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Sixty percent of our clients require us to manage hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay-per-click programs. Our biggest and most important is Google Adwords. Medical Marketing Logic has held certification since 2002. We are proud to be experts in the management and analytics involved in showing our clients how to get a documented return on your investment by buying specific keywords that generate the biggest return on your dollar.

Link Building and Citation Building

Medical Marketing Logic has its own link-building system and we subscribe to several reputable programs that are available in the industry. One of the several variables necessary to achieve top ranking on Google is to participate in an aggressive linking program. We know how to do this very effectively. It is very important to realize that link building is not about quantity but more about quality, we figure out the most effective links for your specific industry and we produce the incoming links necessary to out perform your competition. We spend the time to see exactly where your competition is linked and we do a better job. Yes, we do copy your competition link strategy and we build on that strategy to make your site dominant. There is no secret to link building, it is simply just using the right tools and keep up with the administrative. Citations are mostly beneficial for local medical internet marketing. A citation is a lot like a link but it is much more important. Citation index’s reports back to the search engines stats that represent the quality of that website submitted. All reports from citation indexes are called Citation Authority. We try to build a high “Citation Authority” rating to get the best local positioning.


We offer several choices in custom reports. Most offered and requested in Google analytics. We also offer several other options in addition to the Google Analytics program. We offer ranking management software that shows you how your organics are increasing every month in the ranks. It is exciting to see and document how your website is showing up better and better every month in the search results.


Internet Marketing Logic’s specialty is that we pride ourselves on proven results. Our optimization methods stem from years of on the job training and Google coaching. Optimization is the process of applying over 200 variables to a website that gets that website recognized and positioned at the top of the search results. Each variable represents criteria that crawlers look for when deeming one site more relevant over another.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is the process of applying a marketing plan to a website. Understanding all the available methods to brand a website online requires a comprehensive online marketing plan. The compilation and facilitation of this online plan is called SEM.

Internet Yellow Pages (IYP’s)

This is where that big yellow book went. 93% of businesses use the Internet to find addresses and phone numbers. The first place people look is called IYP’s. The name of some more used IYP’s are the Google Local, Yahoo Local, Yellow Book and Local.com.

Internet Marketing (Local)

Offering local methods of optimization for local businesses that only offer a product or service to a local market. Local marketing should be a big part of most every industry branding their product or service on the web.

Internet Marketing (Regional)

This is the most popular method of optimization. Most area business covers certain regions for business. Internet Marketing Logic can optimize the website’s content so only Regional searches will show up in search results.

Internet Marketing (National)

Mostly in national product and educational messages, we can optimize the web content for national and international audiences. We also have a paid inclusion program designed for Europe, Asia and Africa.