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Medical Marketing Logic takes pride in distinguishing our services from the services offered by a typical programmer. We are not like them mostly because we work closely with the medical industry, We understand HIPAA and the legalities of medical privacy. We are medical marketers and we understand how to reach a patient, target and learn from reporting. Don’t trust a programmer to do a marketers job!

Medical Reputation Management – Get a 5 Star Reputation We make online reputation LOGICAL. One of the biggest services

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Instead of saying how amazing we are at SEO. I would rather inform you on Red Flags to look

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New Age Media,  A Medical Online Marketing Plan: When we put together a multi-media medical marketing plan, we start

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The Medical Marketing Logic website started as a template and we added text with close to the same navigation

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  Most companies underestimate the power of a strong local online marketing program. Local search engine marketing can be

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Facebook Promote, Google Adwords, Microsoft Bing – Paid Ads   Internet Marketing Logic has been certified in Google adwords

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Our Medical Website Design is all about Marketing

We had to keep up with the times and add a programming staff to our company. I am amazed how fast and affordable we can create medical websites. Our expertise is in Florida medical marketing and Doctor reputation management.

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What Our Clients Think

About Us

We have been working with Bill from day one.  Bill did all our branding work before we opened our doors. We understand the power of good online market share and bill is leading the way.

Mike Hilton

Quite frankly, I really don’t understand what Bill does, as long as we see results that is all that counts.

Doctor Trettenero, DDS

Bill is one of two approved online marketing firms we work with at 21st Century Oncology. We have high standards and do our best in choosing our resources.

21st Century Oncology

We did not put any effort into our online marketing before working with Medical Marketing Logic. We now see the power of online branding. We are believers at Regenocyte.

Doctor Zannos – Regenocyte