Medical Patient Review Management and Doctor Reputation Management Services

It takes a true expert to know how to remove a review from Google

Medical Patient Review Management and Doctor Reputation Management Services

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William James Lees III, Founder of Medical Marketing Logic, Inc. In 2006. After realizing a need for advanced SEO services in Naples, Bonita and Ft Myers.

We started in 1991 as an advertising agency that had a heavy concentration of our accounts in the medical industry. We found out early that when you market doctors you need to deal with loss of patient and wrongful death law suits. We had two of our plastic surgeons loose patients almost within months of each other. These were good doctors. In fact one was the president of the local medical association.

From a public relations perspective, some doctors have a high probability of loosing a patient at some point in their career.

Going back to 1999, we have just purchased all new computers at our advertising agency. The computer eliminated the messy paste up and long process of color separations. It was a beautiful thing. The computer streamlined the printing process directly to the press. We also utilized the Internet. Our real estate accounts wanted online marketing like a drug. They wanted it and they could not get enough. Medical Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and SEO for Doctors, Medical and Healthcare Providers, Medical Internet Marketing, Digital Medical Marketing, Florida Medical Marketing, Medical Online Marketing for Healthcare, Florida Medical Digital Marketing, Naples Marketing for Doctors, Digital Marketing for Healthcare, Naples Medical Marketing Agency, Medical Reputation Management, Websites for Doctors, Medical Websites, Review management for doctors, Doctor Reputation Management, Marketing for DoctorsMedical and the healthcare industry seemed to keep their distance. Rightly so as the Internet soon will hurt the medical industry like no other nemesis. Our online marketing company was incorporated in 2001 and it soon had several employees optimizing websites. We spent great resources to learn how to optimize and learn how to gain rank when a person searched for a product or service. We got good at it. We eventually took on reputation management related accounts. At the time, legal was slenderized and medical was also dealing with bad online PR. When Google made its debut in 2001. In 2005 Google added a cool thing called “Google Reviews” Google knew that they needed to create more value for a consumer if they were searching for a product or service. Soon after Yelp (a online Directory service) made a business on the testimonials of others. Then, all in the same year came Healthgrades, Vitals, and ZocDoc. All geared to the medical industry. Our medical accounts realized they could not avoid the internet any longer. With Fear about HIPAA violations and patient privacy and the new healthcare policies going into place, we had to learn how to handle medical reputation management with compliance. In 2009 our online marketing division dwarfed the advertising agency and soon was it’s own company. Our online marketing company focused mostly on medical and doctors reviews. We represented some large medical accounts and saw first hand how negative reviews could hurt urgent care facilities, hospitals, plastic surgeons, and home nursing. The need is there and we are good at it.


Our Background – A Driven Beginning

Medical Marketing Logic was established in Bonita Springs, Florida in 1999 with the belief that medical internet marketing would come to dominate marketing techniques, especially in the medical and institutional healthcare industry. Our company leaned how to escalate reviews issues to a legal level with Google. We leaned how to develop a court order to remove a slanderous review. We also evolved to simpler and less time consuming methods for removing damaging reviews.

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