Repairing a Doctors Online Reputation, Removing a Patients Bad Review, Reputation Management in Healthcare


Medical Marketing Logic specializes in Reputation Management just for the medical industry.


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This all started when we took on an air ambulance firm that lost a plan and all its crew. What almost put this company out of business was not the FAA, but the slander and pages of negative material that was posted online. We worked for two years getting all the negative content either removed or pushed to the third and fourth page. It was this account that gave us the confidence to take on other RM projects.


In office Displays: People trust the reviews they read

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These products are designed to get a message to a valued patient that we need their help. As a medical institution that is concerned about our image, if we do not do anything to get positive reviews we will eventually be out run by the negative. We don’t expect a practice to get thousands of positive reviews overnight, we just want to even the odds and have a fighting chanced to take charge and bring some positive to a highly negative online environment.


Think of this Product as Your Practice’s Insurance Policy

We have a preventative maintenance program for doctors that can create an online environment that galvanizes the first page search results from damaging content. Preventative measures include securing all name brand URL variations, Optimizing the website for brand names, setting up top medical; directories and getting social media all in place. All. These processes help fill the first page results with content that is hard to replace.