Medical Internet Marketing

Terminology custom written from Medical Marketing Logic

Medical Internet Marketing (Local)

Offering local methods of optimization for local businesses that only offer a product or service to a local market. Local marketing should be a big part of most every industry branding their product or service on the web.

Medical Internet Marketing (Regional)

This is the most popular method of optimization. Most area business covers certain regions for business. Medical Marketing Logic can optimize the website’s content so only Regional searches will show up in search results.

Medical Internet Marketing (National)

Mostly in national product and educational messages, we can optimize the web content for national and international audiences. We also have a paid inclusion program designed for Europe, Asia and Africa.


We were one of the first advertising and marketing firms to double as a online marketing company. We have had the luxury of marketing websites offering strategizing and promotion services on an array of websites over the last 25 years. As one of only a few online marketing companies, we have observed trends and techniques that work to get our clients top rankings. It is the promotion and SEO strategies of non-published optimization that gives Medical Marketing Logic a clear advantage over our competitors. We maintain a working relationship with experts and website marketing consultants in the industry. We regularly exchange notes and attend networking conferences that give our company a unique advantage.