Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


Naples Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Website Marketing, Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs Internet MarketingInstead of saying how amazing we are at SEO. I would rather inform you on Red Flags to look for in less than ethical SEO companies.


With the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) being widely used, many self-titled “Search engine Marketing Experts” have plagued the industry. There are more quacks out there over promising and under delivering that, it makes good SEO’s look bad. Honestly, they are hurting the entire Search Engine Optimization industry. The best defense against SEO frauds is to become more educated and know what to look for. Since most small business owners don’t have the time and resources needed to become experts, I have found some gems online and I have come up with a few myself.

This article is based on real life SEO and stories I have heard from clients in Greenville SC and Naples Florida. Just when I thought I heard it all, I get another item to add to my list.


Guaranteed Rankings

I hear this all the time after a client has a meeting with DEX or Another Internet marketer. Usually the person that is promising a guarantee is not usually the person doing the work, the person making the guarantee is usually a sales person. You might as well run when you hear any kind of Guarantee in SEO – There are no guarantees no matter who you are or whom you work for or whom you are affiliated with. Run and don’t look back.


They know someone at Google, or have a special relationship with Google

False! Again, no SEO Company has “special relationship” or access to a “priority submit” for Google. There are partnerships and certifications in Adwords but even these offers no relationship that will give any company an advantage over another.

Offering free SEO trial services

SEO is tedious and very involved. I have been doing organic SEO for over 24 years and one thing that I have learned over the years – The longer the contract the better. Time is your friend in SEO and a trial period is literally impossible.


Free submissions with no fees – The big companies just scam their customers by charging inclusion fees

If an SEO firm does not charge any type of inclusion fee, they are hurting you rather than helping you. I take in consideration the power of citation building with the YEXT platform and the Yahoo inclusion, there are so many great inclusions out there that are very inexpensive and they give an awesome bang for the dollar. Trying to do this on the cheep is not going to yield big returns.


Top Ranking within a determined time

Are you kidding me, can they also predict the future. Because if they can, I need to win the lottery. The only way to guarantee this would be with Pay Per Click (PPC).


We know the Google Algorithm, we are Google Algorithm experts

I consider myself pretty tech savvy but I could not ever begin to comprehend the complex programming used to create the Google Algorithm. I listened to Matt Cutts – Director of search at Google and he does not even know that beast. As a matter of fact, this algorithm has been updated and revised so many times that Google is running out of animal names to name the updates. (Just kidding) – The complexity is staggering. I will admit that the algorithm comes with variables that Google publishes to better your search results. Items such as link popularity, Citation Authority, and content authorship are all items that are common knowledge when optimizing for the Google Algorithm.


Avoid SEO companies that take ownership of content

Anything you pay for should belong to you. Make sure that any agreement you sign does not give ownership to the SEO agency you work with. It is pretty common to see URL renting and non-transferable marketing URL’s but these all need to be disclosed ahead of time.


We hope that this article will help you avoid the most common SEO scams.


Or you avoid the risk and just hire us….