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PPC – Naples Pay Per Click – Paid Ads


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Naples PPC, Pay Per Click, Website Marketing, Website Designers, Naples Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Facebook promote, Facebook PPC, Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita SpringsInternet Marketing Logic has been certified in Google adwords since 2006 and represents more than 3.4 million dollars in total moneys spent in our history of managing our clients online PPC (Pay Per Click) programs. There has been many changes through the decade in PPC management but the one thing that remains the same is the effectiveness of how an ad is written. Giving accurate text communications that qualify the click is a crucial and essential requirement when writing a efficient campaign.

When writing for efficiency we need to do the following:

1. Inform in a accurate way – What you are promoting – “Inform”
2. Qualify – If there is a high price or a geographic influence, or something that the customer needs to know. Inform them before they waste your click. Example. A beachfront rental rents for 19,000 per week. I would rather say the price before we start wasting clicks.
3. Use your resources – extensions, photos, phone number and enhanced listings all good things to add to a effective program.
4. Go Crazy with Ads – We don’t get charged more for additional ads, I have over 10 ads per client and set the program to use the ad that is getting the best click through rate.
4. Conversion Tracking – We need to be aware of what phrases are converting and is the PPC worth the money.

Goolge Adwords, SEO, Website Marketing, Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs Internet Marketing, Google PPCMost of the time it is not so much about the money and more about the message and how the campaign is running.
If I see that the conversions are not coming in, I will first check the campaign match types, keyword strategy and links.
PPC should always work. (Or we are doing something wrong)