Medical Online Marketing Plan

Medical Online Marketing Plan


New Age Media,  A Medical Online Marketing Plan:

When we put together a multi-media medical marketing plan, we start with meeting with the doctor or office manager and get a feel for the budget and promotional options that they where considering. We then assemble a realistic marketing plan. This is where our years of medical marketing come into play. We may combine some conventional media options, like print publications or newsletters? and then get creative with smart electronic options like social media promotions and pay-per-click choices. Then we use our secret weapon, our incredible programming team. They develop code that gets placed on the back-end of all our electronic marketing channels. We learn valuable insight on what phrase that consumer used from the beginning, and we learn how that person used our website.

The power of our system and programming team can help your bottom line in so many ways.

Our origin at IML started back in 1991 as an advertising agency that blossomed to become a hybrid of a conventional marketing firm and an online SEO company. The outcome was simply amazing. We see our competitors as a growing group of technicians that understand the mechanics of SEO but they lack the ability to market. It is crucially important to know what to say and how to say it; you need to have an understanding of your target market and where the target patient goes to get their information. In addition, a new age medical marketer needs to have a vast knowledge of all the online and conventional products that can play off each other and increase your practice brand dominance. The difference between our competitors and us are black and white.

Below are some of the media that we use to promote a product or service. Understand this is just a sample of some options that we can build into a multimedia marketing plan.


Naples PPC, Pay per click, Naples Search Engine marketing, SEO, Website Marketing, Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita SpringsAdwords is a Google product that allows us to pay for position. This bid proxy allows the highest paying bidders to hold the top spot on the page. This bid proxy is called, Pay-Per-Click. (PPC) IML has been certified in Google adwords since 2004 and we can learn so much about how relevant a program will be simply by running adwords for a couple months before investing in a detailed SEO program.




SEO – Search Engine Optimization. This is a monthly program of cat and mouse. A constant battle with competitors to gain top branding online. Many will choose SEO over paid because the cost to run and maintain an SEO program is much more cost effective than a paid program. SEO is also more credible than paid as you get 45% more traffic from a first page organic program.



Naples Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Naples Website designers, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs Internet MarketingOnline Yellow Pages – While the conventional yellow pages are a thing of the past. The online yellow pages are still very relevant. We find that the online yellow pages (IYP) bring in great traffic to the website and the link popularity is worth the effort. We most likely will include online yellow pages into your program.



Web design, Website Marketing, Website Designers, Naples Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Website Marketing, Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita SpringsFacebook Promote – This is an amazing tool. The downside of Facebook is that facebook owns all the content that you post on your accounts. This is a hot topic and remains to be an ongoing legal issue. The upside to this litigation is the incredible marketing we can do with access to that data. Facebook calls their marketing tool “Facebook Promote” as marketers we can send ads, linked to websites, videos or most anything to a very refined demographic. If you want to market to 45 year old women that own a Mercedes and they scuba dive in their free time, no problem.




Social Media and Blogging – Fresh content and viral marketing will always be a very strong method for branding. We sometimes will coach a client’s employee to do some of the social marketing and we meet with them to make sure they are keeping up with the task.



Online Public Relations (PR) – This could be a very lucrative way to build your brand. We use a couple different online PR distribution sites and a handful of various PR writers. From Medical to event PR, this is an outstanding way to market online.


Angies List – Referral sites or vertical directories are so important for service related companies. Movers, doctors and contractors all need to take advance of referral directories. We will include some solid recommendations for referral sites in most every marketing plan.



 Internet Marketing Naples, Website Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Naples, Fort MyersEmail Promotions (Database management) – Database management goes back to Marketing 101. We may not be sending letters out snail mail but we will be cultivating your database. If you are not managing your database and making sure your customers are keeping you top of mind, you need to hit the contact button right now and give is a call. That process alone will give your company a return like you have never seen before.


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