Case Study: Florida Urology Physicians, Website Marketing

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Case Study: Florida Urology Physicians, Website Marketing

Florida Urology Physicians has five offices – Fort Myers Urology, Bonita Springs Urology, Lehigh Acres Urology, Cape Coral Urology and Punta Gorda Urology.

Florida Urology Physicians Offers a variety of services including vasectomy and vasectomy removals, kidney stone removals, prostate cancer, and also blood in urine (hematuria).

Document Number: 20090
Client Contact Name: Larry Marone
Date of service: 2008 to present


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Case Study:
Florida Urology Physicians

Larry Marone the director of operations at Florida Urology Physicians was in need of creating a comprehensive website marketing platform. Larry also had the wherewithal to understand that in his search for a website design firm he also needed to interview for the marketing involved for his site once his site was complete. Larry did his due diligence and research the market. Larry also utilized his resources by reviewing websites already created and interviewed top medical practices that had well designed websites that preformed well online when searching for key words to locate the site. When I interviewed with Larry I was very impressed with him because he took the time to understand the basics of what it takes to optimize a website and he really did his homework. That impressed me. I often get the glassed eye syndrome when I start to rattle off everything that I do to meet and exceed crawler technology compliance. He seamed to grasp what I was saying and that also impressed me. I was happy to have an interview with a client that was well educated. He new what to look for when interviewing website marketing resources.

Helpful Notes:

Speaking of competing sources, there are many scam artists out there and it is very hard for a doctor to really identify the good and the bad. Anyone can give a good presentation and show paperwork and a pretty brochure. However, here are some foul proof methods that will stump the biggest cam artist. Ask the question, ” Do you charge an annual inclusion fee” ? – The answer should be yes, It is imperative that your site gets included into all the top directories and some charge an annual fee for that inclusion. The current rate if you add all the relevant ones together is about $686 per year. Ask if they are certified in Google Adwords. Now there is more to this than that. Anyone can say yes. Ask for a copy of the test and the score that they received on the test. (I keep mine) and I got a 97 (Not to gloat) this test shows that they are serious about their job as an SEO. Adwords is part of the Sponsored part of Search Engine Marketing. Most of my clients do not even do Ad Words but even if Ad Words is not a part of your program, just the idea of certification is important to a serious SEO.

Get at least three names of references. Trust me – A good SEO will have no trouble getting you referrals. My clients are my best sales people. I am blessed to have such a great client list.


Larry happened to call one of my other SEO clients and they gave me a wonderful referral. Larry spent a lot of time with this client and eventually realized that he wanted to mimic the same designer, programmer, software provider and SEO. (Me) – Because he had the rare opportunity to get an open door look into the full program from web design to a very comprehensive website marketing program. He loved it and he knew that this was going to be an easy sell to his partners.

I found out by spending hours with Larry that he, like most doctors are numbers people. When working with marketing dollars, just how much business comes in from the web? Well, he could not have been in a better place than where he was. Because this particular client of mine that he was interviewing took advantage of call tracking and lead recording. This offers my medical clients the ability not to just know a call came in from the website, but we can record that call in an MP3 or Mpeg format so the doctor can listen to the conversation between the patient and the receptionist. (The quality control and office monitoring is a huge perk we latter found out) Nevertheless, Larry really liked the technology and found it fascinating.

Larry Signed a contract with my company shortly after. (BTW – I give all my SEO clients exclusive rights, so please call to see if your category is open)

We started the keyword research and found the huge term for his practice was “Vasectomy Removal” Isn’t it funny just how the research doesn’t discriminate. We ended up with over 90 local phrases and I sent the research to Larry for his refinement.


Optimization for Med Fusion – Optimize for Med Fusion. Med Fusion – Yes Med Fusion, now owned by Intuit. Those of you that are not familiar with Med Fusion, it is one of the most comprehensive medical website management products out there offered to the medical industry. The people are great to work with. You may even be looking at their products or even better yet; you may even be currently using their products.

Well, they have one of the best systems for medical on the planet but they did not take into consideration the optimization of this highly dynamic program.

I have. The way that I optimize affords me to bypass the dynamic code that normally prevents a crawler from reading any content on their sites. Med Fusion has tried and tried to offer SEO solutions but in competitive areas, they don’t stand a chance.


There is never a website that I can just program and run with. In this case, I put together a program that was classic. I love it. I have utilized the full Internet landscape to promote my client. Now that my keyword research is complete, I understood just how competitive my job was going to be. I knew that they needed strong content and a lot of it. I also knew that they where going to need link popularity and a lot of it. And about 20 other variables that I hold dear and true to my heart.

As Always, I try to go the extra mile to impress the client as both a businessman and an SEO.

I try to over deliver- my contract was for five landing pages but as I started to get into the program, I included two more at no additional cost. (I made him well aware of my kindness)

I also wanted to turn up the heat and show him what I can do right away. I moved extra fast in my research, copy writing, HTML landing pages, inclusions, and submissions. I delivered my first report to Larry 45 days after he signed his contract. (That is fast if you know the full program) People don’t understand that a good SEO’s can put two weeks just into the keyword research. This all takes time and clients have to understand that time is what it takes to get good rankings. I can do everything right and feel proud of my work – As if it is a masterpiece. However, I have seen programs take years to get everything on the first page. Then again, like in Larry’s case. 60 days later he was a happy camper. I outdid myself with Fort Myers Urology on the first page number one as if I could hear angels sing when I first looked at it.

After I get the SEO under control, I focus on the Google Places. The Maps that show where your practice is and allows people to rate and write reviews about their experiences. This part of my program has become an extremely important part of the process. As of February 2011. If a person is doing a local search, Google Places is what they see in the organic results. (The Map with inverted teardrops shows where your business is located) This is Google’s answer to the once used phone book. Google places fills the void for the 95 percent of people out there looking for addresses and phone numbers every day. Therefore – You know I have to take this serious.

FACT: originally Google populated all the local “places” information with InfoUSA data. This data is not 100% accurate; in fact it is more than 15% inaccurate. So you can imagine how much clean up is needed to be done to the addresses and phone numbers posted in Google.

I worked with Google to get rid of all the old local data and replace that data with the new local information. Google “Places” today represents an extremely important place to optimize. Most local search results post local phone numbers addresses and a map that shows the location of area business all in organic results.


The results were excellent out of the box. Like a horse race, there has to be a winner and a looser, there are also other days to race. In this case, we did everything right and the Gods were looking down on us. Our horse is the strongest and the smartest (With the best jockey at the rains) Unfortunately, we race every day. In addition, there are always new horses and Jockeys entering the race.

Two years later, we have improved their traffic from 300 per month to 9,000 per month. We were just asked to expand their service to include two more landing pages.