A Marketers Secret Weapon

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A Marketers Secret Weapon

Our Secret Weapon is a Deep Understanding of the Journey to a Conversion


SEO, Online Marketing, website design, Marketing, web Designers, Ft Myers online Marketing, conversion intelligenceWe recently tested three of the best call tracking systems on the market and frankly, I was not impressed. In fact, the current call tracking technology is not significantly different than the systems we used in 2005. Just as I was ready to give up on conversion tracking, I came across a start-up company made of 20 young programmers in the Midwest that wanted me to participate in a focus group on their new conversion intelligence system.

Before this new conversion intelligence system, we could not really see the big picture of what goes into a conversion. We could ask the customer what brought them in, but the customer doesn’t take the time to really think about the answer. We could attached a tracking phone number to all media options, but we don’t get the intelligence behind the conversion, we just get the last phone number they used to contact you. We could get Google analytics that highlight top search phrases, and traffic stats but I want to know what phrases converted, I want to know if my marketing dollars are hitting the correct demographics and I want to know all the elements in the marketing mix that played a role in the conversion process. Sound too far fetched? I thought so, until I tested the software.

You are not going to believe what this software does!

When we put together a multi-media marketing plan, we start with meeting with the client and get a feel for the budget and promotional options that the client was considering. We then assemble a realistic marketing plan. This is where our years of marketing come into play. We may combine some conventional media options, like print publications or direct mail? and then we get creative with smart electronic options like social promotions and pay-per-click choices. This is where we struggle, how does a customer use the media channels and what role if any does the multi media mix play in the conversion. Our secret weapon, develops code that gets placed on the back-end of all our electronic marketing channels and code is placed on dynamic phone IP’s for non electronic sources. (This code extrapolates customer demographic information, where that person is searching from, what phrase that consumer used from the beginning, and we learn how that person used our website. The conversion data we get is comprised of a Journey. I call it, The Journey to a Conversion. We see multiple media channels being used by the same person that all play a role in that persons journey to a conversion. If you think that 40% of your clients converted based on referral, think again. While a lot of weight is given to a referral, that referred customer will in many cases still search and check out the competition. We get to see a clear picture of what media channels are most relevant, what phrases are more converting and how we should spend our marketing dollars most effectively.

The Future is Efficiency

With data in hand for the first client we tested with this new system, we learned what phrases we need to bid higher on in Google Adwords, what phrases are a waste of time. We learned to alter our Microsoft Bing budget, we learned to modify our Facebook Promote budget, we learned to make modifications to enhanced online yellow pages, and to make serious changes to print magazine budgets. With the knowledge of conversion data, we can make logical choices. We can take a budget, cut the fat and make it lean and mean.

The power of our system and programming team of 20 can help your bottom line in so many ways.

This system works best with companies that do a lot of different marketing options.  Call William Lees at Internet Marketing Logic for a meeting on conversion tracking. We are passionate about conversion. We would love to show you what we can do.